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Fufox is a 100% free and unlimited online storage for everyone

Fufox is all about liberty

We believe It should be easy to access and share any content at any time and every where in the world without any limit or restriction. We believe in freedom on the internet. We want to provide you that place where you can share and access any file, when you want and for free. That's what fufox is about.

videos, songs & documents
for free

Getting started

100% free

Fufox is providing you a unique 100% free online storage. We will never ask you a penny for anything.

No limits

You can send as many videos, songs and documents as you want.

For everyone

Fufox makes simple file sharing, providing you a easy way to share your files with your family and friends.

How does it work?

Business model

Fufox provides a 100% free service. We're optimizing our cost and thus making a short profit with ads. Enough profit to ensure a 100% free service without restrictions. We only rely on advertising.


All connections between your computer and Fufox are end-to-end encrypted and secured using SSL/TLS Protocol. Fufox is not using your personal data for commercial purposes. You are not a product and Fufox is about liberty so we don't track our user and we don't provide or sell any users related data to any company. Nonetheless, third party vendors, including Google and Valueclickmedia, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to this website.

Import your massive library of
videos, song and documents
for free

With one simple click, import your library to fufox. Upload unlimited files or let fufox grab the files for you. Fufox can handle thousands of videos, songs and documents and makes them shareable to your friends and family. And if you are still wondering, yes it's for free.

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